Tyler R. Davis

Hello! I'm a self-taught programmer looking for my first developer job. Right now I primarily use Python/Django, and I'm comfortable with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Bootstrap. I'm always working on learning something new. Right now, I'm building a project to learn Flask.

I spent the first 7 years of my professional career as a visual journalist, making maps and charts for newspapers. In this role, I found myself occassionally using Python and Javascript, igniting a passion for code that inspired me start seriously teaching myself the foundations of web development.

Additionally, I'm a hobbyist game designer, mostly using Pico 8, a retro-inspired engine that uses Lua. I'm particularly interested in procedural generation.

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CharacterSheetBot is a Python-based Twitter bot that randomly generates a Dungeons and Dragons character, including name, stats, and backstory text. It then prints those stats onto an image of a D&D character sheet, and tweets it out.
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MyCharacters.co is a Django web-app where users can create a character sheet and profile page for their D&D character, and create campaign groups to easily access the stats of multiple characters.
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Amika's Quest

Amika's Quest is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler for Pico 8, an 80's style retro fantasy console that uses the Lua scripting language.
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Alpine Ascent

Alpine Ascent is a 2D mountain climbing platformer for Pico 8. The game has attracted a small but mighty speedrunning community on the Pico 8 forums.
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Mech Force Inferno

Made in two weeks for Mech Jam 2021, Mech Force Inferno is a turn-based strategy where you command a team of robots the fight wildfires.
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